Bond Cleaning

Bond Cleaning With a Free Re-Clean Guarantee

Get your deposit back from your landlord or agency guaranteed, with this fully insured bond cleaning option. End of Tenancy Cleaning South Twickenham’s end of lease specialists will even come back and provide you with an additional service for free if there’s ever any trouble.

Contact us at your convenience. You can reach us or send us your details using our booking form now. Alternatively, keep on reading to find out more about what we do for you…

Why Landlords and Tenants That Care Use Us For Bond Cleaning

Bond Cleaning South Twickenham

  • Highly experienced staff working to a bond cleaning checklist which the UK’s top estate agencies approve of
  • A comprehensive clean of the interior of any property, not limited by time
  • A free additional service in the unlikely event your landlord has any issue whatsoever
  • Friendly support services staffed around the clock – get a free quote whenever you call
  • Seven-day appointment options, featuring weekend and Bank Holiday slots
  • Combine your service with removals services and get move in/out cleaning which handles exterior concerns too

How Your Bond Cleaners Will Get Your Deposit Back

This is an all-inclusive bond cleaning service – you get everything you need to get your money back from your landlord. This means specialist cleansing for every interior party of the property in question – it’s the reason why so many local landlords, tenants, and agencies use this service. Your appointment will include cleansing for the:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen, including the oven
  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Hallways and stairwells
  • Dining room
  • Utility areas

All work is completed according to a checklist of chores and standards worked out in accordance with the UK’s top estate agencies. This means that everything that your landlord will expect to be done, will be done.
You don’t need to make sure there are cleaning agents or equipment in the property, as your team of bond cleaners will bring all necessary items with them. You will, however, need to ensure that all tenants have moved out, that the fridge and freezer have been properly defrosted, and that water and electricity are available in the property. Those are the only arrangements you’ll need to make.

A free re-clean is a standard part of the service we provide – we’re simply that confident that your property won’t need further attention! More than 95% of the customers who’ve used this service say they’d use it again and would recommend it to family and friends too.

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