End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning – The Easy Way to Get Your Deposit Back

Your end of lease cleaning service from End of Tenancy Cleaning South Twickenham gives you a service that 95%+ of our customers would recommend to their family and friends. Just in case you have any doubts as to which tenancy cleaning company to choose, why not opt for the one which will give you a whole extra appointment for FREE in the event of difficulty?

Make the call! You can reach us or by using our booking form at any time. Ask any questions that you might have, or find out more information below…

What Your End of Lease Cleaning Services Includes

End of Lease Cleaning South Twickenham

  • A full and stringent end of lease cleaning for every room in the property
  • A complete re-clean in the highly unlikely event you spot anything wrong with your clean
  • The equipment and detergents needed to achieve the best possible results are included in your service costs
  • A helpful support team ready to assist you 24 hours a day, every day
  • A convenient appointment whenever you need it, from Monday to Sunday
  • Use us for the move out cleaning or window cleaning you need and start with a free quote without obligation

How Your End of Lease Cleaners Secure the Return of Your Deposit

When a tenancy period is over, it’s important to know that:

  • As a landlord, your property will be ready to rent out again as soon as possible
  • As a tenant, your landlord will have no trouble handling your deposit back to you in full

To do that, we provide a clean which includes every part of the interior of your property. No area gets missed – your professional end of lease cleaners are trained to deal with the bathroom, kitchen – including a cleanse of your oven, often a difficult part to handle yourself – as well as bedrooms, living spaces, hallways, dining rooms, and more.

End of Lease Cleaning South TwickenhamYour service doesn’t end at some pre-chosen time, either. Your appointment will continue until every part of the property has been dealt with to a standard which we know agencies and landlords approve of. Your end of lease cleaning appointment simply isn’t limited by time. You book a clean for the house, and that’s what we deliver.
All necessary equipment will be provided, but you will need to ensure that all tenants have moved out, that the fridge and freezer have been defrosted, and that your team will have access to running water and power.

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